Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Vegan loves the hills

Oddly enough on Tuesday I wanted to run hills. Go figure? I find it tough enough to run after a day at work, but I know that the reward is great because if there's one thing that rejuvenates me after a day at work it is running.

I've been having a few aches and pains, nothing that indicates injury but rather the after effects of training in the weight room. I already felt that running downhill would be a no-no. Three mornings in a row I had to run downhill just to catch my bus to work and I don't think this was helping with the pain I was feeling after doing many lunges and step-ups in the gym. I haven't been cycling to work simply because I don't want to risk overdoing it and chance injury. You could say I've been taking it easy, but I'm pretty active overall and my job does involve walking most of the day.

So I wanted to run hills. I also wanted a new running route. So I headed up the hill and it felt great. I relished every step. Endurance is not an issue for the short 8 k distance and I realized that the muscles required to push me up the hills are well rested so I went for it.

I felt great. It was the best time I've had in the last couple of weeks where I've felt sluggish and started to wonder if I was just burning out. The clear blue sky certainly helped that positive vibe carry me over the hills. Now that was a running high.

* * *

Perhaps it is madness and now people will actually say "there's that fitness nut." I know at work everyone thinks I'm crazy riding my bike to and from work. Going along the highway on two wheels with pedal power somehow makes me crazy. I don't think they ever think "oh wait, there's no exhaust spewing from the bike and she's doing it because she cares about the environment." When I ran home from work one day there was much laughter. Don't get me wrong, people are supportive and they think it's great that I run in races, but there is a bit of question in their eyes that suggests it's beyond comprehension. I once suggested to a couple of women coworkers that we start a walk/run group but there were too many reasons why it wouldn't work. The women at work always comment on how "thin" I am (this is something that has always bothered me and besides I'm not thin, I'm average sized and just in shape) as if it's some mystery. I said once "I run, I bike, I walk everywhere and I'm vegan" which stunned one coworker silent for a moment and then she said "I'm too old for that now."

I'll never be too old for that. I want to be one of those old ladies out on her morning brisk walk who takes public transit to get to where she needs to go. I want to see db and I still biking and hiking into our old age because for me that's quality of life. Seems like a reasonable goal doesn't it?

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red jane said...

Bravo. Before I even read your response in the following line I said out loud, "You're never too old for that". It's all a choice, a mindset. And as you demonstrate and live through, it really makes all the difference.