Friday, February 08, 2013

Current patient at WRA

Here's one of those rare visitors to wildlife rescue. Apparently, they are coming further north in recent years (indication of changing climate?), and we're seeing more of them in Canada.

I got to catch a glimpse of the pelican when I was volunteering there today. It was a bit of a slow day so I went out to peer through the little window. We're not supposed to peek at wildlife if we're not cleaning the enclosure or feeding them because they are stressed in captivity, but one door has a small rectangular two way mirror. I've often watched the gulls interact this way. So today I checked out the pelican. He was preening in front of the mirror and then settled down for a rest. It's amazing to see that long bill doing such a fine job preening. 

It might be the last I see of him since I'm sure he will be released soon.