Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to my brother!

Happy Birthday bro'! Wish we could be there for your birthday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cloudy Day at Queen's Lake

What to do on a cloudy day? Walk and take photos, of course. I did still swim that day too. I don't think I missed a day in the lake (except for maybe the one day when we had a downpour).
 New Brunswick blueberries are the best!
 This is close to the main logging road. Beneath the power lines are blueberries everywhere. On another day (not the day we were picking berries, fortunately), db, my bro, and I saw a bear in this area. We were driving in the truck coming back from getting wood and db spotted the bear. It stood up on its hind legs, looked at us, and then ran towards the woods, but not before stopping twice more to look at us. Did I get a picture? Nope. No such luck.
 Queen's Lake.
 Good day to watch the loons. Every night we'd listen to them while drifting off to sleep in our tent. One night the loons were going and at least 2 owls. It was getting pretty noisy in the woods!

 Walk along the road.
 You have to make sure you feed the chipmunks everyday. They love the peanuts!
 Shangri-La1 The camp my brother built. This year he added the cedar shingles to the outside. There's enough room to sleep all of us, but db and I like the tent. It gives everyone a little more space, and I do find the tent quite cosy.
 You talkin' to me?
 The fireweed always seems to be in bloom whenever we are there.
 Evening drive led us to another clear cut area where there was a lookout. db had to climb it with his binoculars to see if he could see any moose.
Hey! I'm not a moose. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Queen's Lake 2011

We were back at Queen's Lake this year for 10 amazing days in July. One of the roads has been washed out, so we were back on the old route in that takes a little longer and there's a little brook we have to cross. Very pretty brook though.
 View from the road. Why have we never seen any moose here?
 First drive out? I've never been on this logging road, and have never seen Queen's Lake from this point of view.
 Our reliable transportation, courtesy of Capital Springs.
 The gem of a lake. This seems to be looking back at my brother's beach. Taken from the kayak.

 Along the shore near the brook. We kayaked into the brook off the lake this year. In previous years, we could walk in and along the brook, but the water was much higher this year and we coaxed our kayaks through, sometimes having to get out and pull them over the rocks. I don't think db got out once though, he was determined to make it over rocks and sandbars.
 Water lilies were along the shore and in the brook. We had perfect weather.

Today is the first rain we've had in August, so I was thinking about Queen's Lake and how beautiful it was this year. I had to start posting my pictures.
 Kayaking down the brook.
 We reached the beaver dam. End of the line.
 View from the beaver dam.

 Can't resist the birds. Two Cedar Waxwings perched overhead. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vegan Chocolate

Wondering about the chocolate you're eating?
Up until recently, my only concern was for the welfare of animals, as in is my chocolate vegan or not. I've indulged in the vegan "milk" chocolates and candy bars that have arrived in the shop, but recently I discovered the Food Empowerment Project.  It has reminded me and re-educated me of the terrible conditions for workers in West Africa, many of whom are children, that can only be described as slavery.

Today I found their updated chocolate list that lists the companies that do not contribute to the injustices that exist in the chocolate market. I do not seem my favorite (Camino) on the list, so I'll have to contact them directly.

The list is worth a read (as is the website), and I'm now saying good-bye to some of my favorites, but really there are so many on the recommended list that I don't have to go without my beloved chocolate.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

where the hell have I been?

Phew. These monthly blog posts are wearing me out. I've been lazy, busy, and out of town. Those are my excuses.

Now on with the update.

I have actually been out of town during the last week of July and beginning of August. We went to N.B. to the most beautiful place I know: Queen's Lake. It was an amazing trip and I will get to photos once I load them into my iphoto.

I've also started a trail running clinic, and that is really where my focus is right now. Every Saturday, I meet a group at a new trail on the lower mainland, and we run together over rocks and roots, and see beautiful forests and incredible views (or at least that's what I expect since I've only done 1 run so far).

Right now, we're about to drive to the airport to pick up db's parents and his brother so I've got to go again. I am off the rest of the week so maybe I'll get a chance to update more and add some colourful photos.

Remind me to tell you about the bear.