Friday, August 19, 2011

Vegan Chocolate

Wondering about the chocolate you're eating?
Up until recently, my only concern was for the welfare of animals, as in is my chocolate vegan or not. I've indulged in the vegan "milk" chocolates and candy bars that have arrived in the shop, but recently I discovered the Food Empowerment Project.  It has reminded me and re-educated me of the terrible conditions for workers in West Africa, many of whom are children, that can only be described as slavery.

Today I found their updated chocolate list that lists the companies that do not contribute to the injustices that exist in the chocolate market. I do not seem my favorite (Camino) on the list, so I'll have to contact them directly.

The list is worth a read (as is the website), and I'm now saying good-bye to some of my favorites, but really there are so many on the recommended list that I don't have to go without my beloved chocolate.


Wandering Coyote said...

That's a great list and a great resource. I don't see any of my favourite chocolate on the recommended list, though. Green & Blacks, which is what I buy the most is not recommended! Hmph. But none of the brands on the recommended list are ones I've ever seen before, either.

stephanie said...

La Siembra-Cocoa Camino is on the list, just buried :)