Sunday, June 22, 2008

I will get some photos loaded at some point. I've been doing nothing but text lately and not very exciting text either.

The garden is doing great. This weekend we transformed the unused space between our house and the neighbour's, turning the soil, weeding the entire area, creating a couple of levels instead of a weedy sloping mess, and installed two raised beds that follow the slope of the land. db and I completed the larger (4 x 6) raised bed yesterday using this kit. Today db finished the smaller bed (4 x 4) that is up a step from the larger one. Pictures will follow soon I hope! There is a gate to the backyard so we put in a couple of stone steps leading down toward the beds since the slope is quite steep there. I may add a third step as well. Then I started to lay a mulch path. I don't mind mulch as long as it's a pathway. There's lots of light near the front of the first bed so we'll put more tomatoes and some basil there. I suspect beans will follow along with zucchini, lettuces and who knows what else.


Got my run in this morning. It was a tough one, but I ran for and hour and fifteen minutes. I'm working between two training programs that I pulled from the web to try and suit my needs. According to one plan I did the required distance, but according to another plan I fell short by about and hours worth of running. At this point it's not an issue because I've just started tailoring my training for a marathon distance.

Runner's World has a great "Smart Coach" training guide where you just enter your stats and how you want to train and it gives you a training schedule. It's pretty cool. The other training schedule I'm following is from the Victoria marathon website to prepare you for its marathon. Whatever one I use more I know I'll be ready.

Okay, I've got to get my rest now.

Italy done

It's over. Oh well. I wore my jersey and kissed my cat Gigi Buffon for luck, but to no avail. Not one goal from Toni. Sigh. Pirlo and Gattuso sitting out. Sigh. Cannavaro injured. Sigh. It wasn't in the cards.

I know I said that Spain was my second choice...well...after today I don't know. I expected Spain to play a little better. Russia has been pretty exciting to watch. They seem to have lots of talent and endurance. However, I'll stick with my second choice Spain to advance. Maybe for once they can get it right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Italy through

db and I are watching the euro 2008 soccer in the evenings on tape since we're both at work in the day when it airs at 11 am. We don't want to know the results before watching either. Fortunately, we both work in environments that keep us in the dark until we sit down in the evening. Living where we do there is little chance we'll see any kind of celebration. This is a huge difference from where we use to live when every goal and tackle was heard coming from the reactions of the entire Portuguese neighbourhood. We also use to live and work bordering on Italian neighbourhoods so trying not to know the result of a game was pretty much impossible.

So last night I was home earlier than db and started the pasta (with zucchini, lemon & basil). I wanted something quick to make so we could watch the game right away when db got home. The meal was delicious and so was the game. Italy is through (thank you to the Netherlands for winning as well). Everything seemed to be working in their favor: the Dutch win their game, a penalty kick was given and Pirlo scored, Abidal from France gets a red card and is sent off, one of France's better players is taken out of the game with what looks like a serious injury. Of course an injured player isn't good news, but it did mean that France subbed in a young more inexperienced player. all came together in the end and Italy won 2-0.

Now...this does mean that Italy will play Spain (my second choice team. Torres is just warming up I think) in the quarterfinals and this does concern me. Plus, Italy will be without Pirlo because of his yellow card carry forward, but there is so much talent on the Italian team with players like Grosso, Camoranesi, Toni and of course Gigi Buffon so the team should do just fine.

Monday, June 16, 2008

News update

Time is flying by. I just haven't had time to blog or visit my favorite blogs. I'll hopefully get to it later this week.

Recent news here in whoville:
  • the gardening continues with the removal of a juniper. We now have a bare patch that's in desperate need of greenery. Back to the nursery we go.
  • my sister's visit was a success. She did great on the pitch and we had a great time together. Also, Gigi finally started to accept her just when my sister had to leave.
  • I won the postcard challenge! mister anchovy sent me a book of poetry with prints by he and candy minx. It's an incredible prize . I want to take time to sit down and really go through the book. Hopefully I can do this in the back yard, under the canopy beneath a sunny sky.
  • Bears in whoville. Midday this past Friday, a bear popped the lid on our garbage can, took out a bag and left with another bear that was waiting across the street.
  • No half marathon this coming weekend. I'm not prepared nor do I want to spend the money on the registration. The detox has slowed me a bit, but I'm still running and am now focusing on the marathon. I'll probably still do the trail river half marathon in September if they have it again.
  • We have sunshine! The weather has finally turned into beautiful sunny, warm and summery. It's been heaven.
  • The Turkey/Czech Republic game! Very exciting. Turkey's through!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My sister is in whoville this week. She's hear promoting the play she just finished (The Baroness and the Pig) for a theatre festival that showcases plays from around Canada. I'm helping her with her pitch and am a bit terrified by that, but I know it'll be fine.'s great having her here. Even though it's been a year since I last saw her, being together again feels like no time has passed at all.

Unfortunately, the weather has been crappy. We're having unseasonably cool temperatures and yesterday it poured rain non-stop. I think I'm still drying out from just taking a short walk. I definitely didn't go for a run yesterday.

* * *

Now as for the Euros...hmm what to say. I guess I'll just say it's a bit heartbreaking to watch Italy start out so poorly and seeing Cannavaro sitting on the bench while the Italian defense leaves gaping holes. Not to discredit the Netherlands because they played very well (even if that first goal was offside) and I thought they looked like the best team in the group (so far). It's early yet, right?

My second choice (after Italy) for favorite teams is Spain. I think, I do think that maybe this time they'll qualify. We'll see.

* * *

I'll have to get a new card for my camera because I'd like to post some garden photos because everything is doing so well. Next post hopefully.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

small steps

Kentucky Fried Cruelty will be a little less cruel in Canada. Apparently PETA has negotiated an animal welfare plan with KFC Canada. You can read the story here.
It's a start.