Monday, June 16, 2008

News update

Time is flying by. I just haven't had time to blog or visit my favorite blogs. I'll hopefully get to it later this week.

Recent news here in whoville:
  • the gardening continues with the removal of a juniper. We now have a bare patch that's in desperate need of greenery. Back to the nursery we go.
  • my sister's visit was a success. She did great on the pitch and we had a great time together. Also, Gigi finally started to accept her just when my sister had to leave.
  • I won the postcard challenge! mister anchovy sent me a book of poetry with prints by he and candy minx. It's an incredible prize . I want to take time to sit down and really go through the book. Hopefully I can do this in the back yard, under the canopy beneath a sunny sky.
  • Bears in whoville. Midday this past Friday, a bear popped the lid on our garbage can, took out a bag and left with another bear that was waiting across the street.
  • No half marathon this coming weekend. I'm not prepared nor do I want to spend the money on the registration. The detox has slowed me a bit, but I'm still running and am now focusing on the marathon. I'll probably still do the trail river half marathon in September if they have it again.
  • We have sunshine! The weather has finally turned into beautiful sunny, warm and summery. It's been heaven.
  • The Turkey/Czech Republic game! Very exciting. Turkey's through!


Red said...

Italy is also through, and that was quite miraculous!

Vegan Run Amok said...

Gardens and poetry and BEARS, oh my! :)