Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Italy through

db and I are watching the euro 2008 soccer in the evenings on tape since we're both at work in the day when it airs at 11 am. We don't want to know the results before watching either. Fortunately, we both work in environments that keep us in the dark until we sit down in the evening. Living where we do there is little chance we'll see any kind of celebration. This is a huge difference from where we use to live when every goal and tackle was heard coming from the reactions of the entire Portuguese neighbourhood. We also use to live and work bordering on Italian neighbourhoods so trying not to know the result of a game was pretty much impossible.

So last night I was home earlier than db and started the pasta (with zucchini, lemon & basil). I wanted something quick to make so we could watch the game right away when db got home. The meal was delicious and so was the game. Italy is through (thank you to the Netherlands for winning as well). Everything seemed to be working in their favor: the Dutch win their game, a penalty kick was given and Pirlo scored, Abidal from France gets a red card and is sent off, one of France's better players is taken out of the game with what looks like a serious injury. Of course an injured player isn't good news, but it did mean that France subbed in a young more inexperienced player. all came together in the end and Italy won 2-0.

Now...this does mean that Italy will play Spain (my second choice team. Torres is just warming up I think) in the quarterfinals and this does concern me. Plus, Italy will be without Pirlo because of his yellow card carry forward, but there is so much talent on the Italian team with players like Grosso, Camoranesi, Toni and of course Gigi Buffon so the team should do just fine.

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Red said...

Pirlo being unable to play is a concern. Gattuso is also out. But Buffon seems to have found his form, and the defence has gotten a lot better since the first game against the Netherlands, despite Cannavaro being absent.

Now, if only Toni could shoot on target...

PS: That pasta dish sounds goooooood.