Sunday, June 22, 2008

I will get some photos loaded at some point. I've been doing nothing but text lately and not very exciting text either.

The garden is doing great. This weekend we transformed the unused space between our house and the neighbour's, turning the soil, weeding the entire area, creating a couple of levels instead of a weedy sloping mess, and installed two raised beds that follow the slope of the land. db and I completed the larger (4 x 6) raised bed yesterday using this kit. Today db finished the smaller bed (4 x 4) that is up a step from the larger one. Pictures will follow soon I hope! There is a gate to the backyard so we put in a couple of stone steps leading down toward the beds since the slope is quite steep there. I may add a third step as well. Then I started to lay a mulch path. I don't mind mulch as long as it's a pathway. There's lots of light near the front of the first bed so we'll put more tomatoes and some basil there. I suspect beans will follow along with zucchini, lettuces and who knows what else.


Got my run in this morning. It was a tough one, but I ran for and hour and fifteen minutes. I'm working between two training programs that I pulled from the web to try and suit my needs. According to one plan I did the required distance, but according to another plan I fell short by about and hours worth of running. At this point it's not an issue because I've just started tailoring my training for a marathon distance.

Runner's World has a great "Smart Coach" training guide where you just enter your stats and how you want to train and it gives you a training schedule. It's pretty cool. The other training schedule I'm following is from the Victoria marathon website to prepare you for its marathon. Whatever one I use more I know I'll be ready.

Okay, I've got to get my rest now.


Wandering Coyote said...

My garden is overrun - TOTALLY - with a tiny, annoying weed that is so difficult to pick because of it's size...I am so discouraged about it. I'm trying to keep it away from my seedlings (which are also still very tiny) and I have spent HOURS picking away at it - and all to no avail! I'm starting to despair...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Runner's World info! I have started my training program.
L, L.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Hey, that Smart Coach thing is cool, did not know about it. Thanks!