Monday, November 07, 2011

This week in running and other fun stuff

db and I didn't hike this week, and my clinic trail run was a short one because we've started the taper week. Race day is Nov. 12th. The group did have a nice easy run on Saturday, and a few of us have decided to keep meeting Saturday mornings after the clinic is over, which I'm really glad about because I want to keep trail running through the winter (it's possible here at the lower elevations), and I don't really want to go out alone.

At the end of our run, the clinic leader had some nice draw prizes. My name got drawn early so I picked out a pair of socks. I know it doesn't sound exciting, but for some reason a good pair of trail running socks seems to make my day, and they're not merino wool which is even better (cruelty-free socks!). I'll try them out this week before race day to see if they'll work for me so I can wear them on Saturday. They're supposed to dry fast so that could be really useful. I got very very wet a couple of weeks ago, which was fine for a short run, but for a longer distance I can see how blisters would be a risk with a sock that doesn't dry quickly enough. Okay enough of socks -- you can see how ridiculously important my socks are to me.

We also got our free technical shirt that comes with the race entry/clinic fee. It's a nice long sleeve technical with little ghosts on the front (the race is called the Phantom Race). It's pretty cute. I'll also have to take it for a test run before I wear it race day. I love the free stuff that comes with these clinics and races. It should be a good race day. It looks really well organized with heat lamps at the start line, and a potluck at the finish. It should be a fun day.

db and I have also signed up for the Running Room's Resolution Run on January 1st. It's a 5 k run that we're going to do together. I guess we should start training for that soon too.

I'm considering...just considering putting my name into the Knee Knacker lottery. The draw is in March and if your name is drawn, you get to run the 50k. It may be a done deal now that I've written about it. Of course I can only enter the lottery. There are no guarantees that I'll get in, but I have to train like I am in.

There have been some life altering decisions made around here at whoville. Yes, we have decided to buy winter tires. Okay, that's not life altering too much except for it's going to cost, but once they're bought, they're bought. Owning a car does cost a lot of money! It's worth it though.

No, the bigger change is that I've decided to go back to school. I know, I know. More school? Yes. I decided that I need a career change and that I really need to be doing something that will be more fulfilling in the long run, so I've applied to the Library & Information Technology program. I want to take a course online to start (the entire program can be done online!), and then aim for full time in the fall.

I can use credit from previous degrees (hmm...this next degree better work!) to fill in some of the electives that are required. It's a two year program, and I'm actually very excited about getting started. I wish I could start right at this moment. I'm just waiting to hear back from the program once they've received all of my documents (transcripts -- boy were those fun and stressful to track down and get sent off -- and letters of reference). Hopefully it'll be in soon.

I'm sure I can still work part-time and do full time studies by the fall. I've done it before so I  know what I'm in for.

So that's the news (if you haven't already heard).