Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

On our vacation with the family visiting from the east coast, we went to a ball game in Seattle.

The day we arrived in Seattle, we learned that Ichiro had just been traded to the Yankees after having played for the Mariners for 10 years! The Yankees were in town to play the Mariners. So we were there to see Ichiro's first game with the Yankees, which was pretty cool.

All of the Ichiro merchandise was quickly being bought up. db managed to find an Ichiro t-shirt after much searching, and I think this game solidified him as a Mariners fan.

 Our seats were up high with a great view. Loved it!
Oh yes, that's right a vegan hot dog stand at Safeco Field. That makes it the coolest ball park, and solidifies me as a Mariners fan. Field Roast Grain Meat is from Seattle, so it's fitting that they should have a hot dog stand. There were veggie dogs at all of the stands, but only the Field Roast stand had the IchiBan hot dog. There were burgers available too, but you've gotta have a dog at the ball park.

 They created the IchiBan hot dog because of Ichiro's popularity. I hope they keep it even though he was traded. It was delicious with vegan wasabi mayo, grilled onions, and seaweed strips. It was honestly one of the best vegan dogs I've had.
Ichiro's first hit with the Yankees.  Lucky shot on my part.
Let's not forget the gulls. They were happily swirling nearby, waiting for the crowds to thin so they could begin the clean up.

The ball game experience became yet another reason to love Seattle!