Sunday, June 22, 2008

Italy done

It's over. Oh well. I wore my jersey and kissed my cat Gigi Buffon for luck, but to no avail. Not one goal from Toni. Sigh. Pirlo and Gattuso sitting out. Sigh. Cannavaro injured. Sigh. It wasn't in the cards.

I know I said that Spain was my second choice...well...after today I don't know. I expected Spain to play a little better. Russia has been pretty exciting to watch. They seem to have lots of talent and endurance. However, I'll stick with my second choice Spain to advance. Maybe for once they can get it right.


Red said...

That was one boring match last night! Did either team want to win? It didn't look like it. Certainly, Italy didn't look very hungry for it.

I have no real affiliation with any of the remaining teams, except my mum is German, so I ought to root for them over Turkey.

What do you say... a Germany-Russia final?

Captain Karen said...

...kissed my cat Gigi Buffon for luck...

Ha ha! That's adorable. Is that really his name (the cat I mean)? Like you, I also said I'd cheer for Spain but I'm feeling Russia deep down in my heart now. I just don't know. What I DO know is that I won't be cheering for Germany.