Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cloudy Day at Queen's Lake

What to do on a cloudy day? Walk and take photos, of course. I did still swim that day too. I don't think I missed a day in the lake (except for maybe the one day when we had a downpour).
 New Brunswick blueberries are the best!
 This is close to the main logging road. Beneath the power lines are blueberries everywhere. On another day (not the day we were picking berries, fortunately), db, my bro, and I saw a bear in this area. We were driving in the truck coming back from getting wood and db spotted the bear. It stood up on its hind legs, looked at us, and then ran towards the woods, but not before stopping twice more to look at us. Did I get a picture? Nope. No such luck.
 Queen's Lake.
 Good day to watch the loons. Every night we'd listen to them while drifting off to sleep in our tent. One night the loons were going and at least 2 owls. It was getting pretty noisy in the woods!

 Walk along the road.
 You have to make sure you feed the chipmunks everyday. They love the peanuts!
 Shangri-La1 The camp my brother built. This year he added the cedar shingles to the outside. There's enough room to sleep all of us, but db and I like the tent. It gives everyone a little more space, and I do find the tent quite cosy.
 You talkin' to me?
 The fireweed always seems to be in bloom whenever we are there.
 Evening drive led us to another clear cut area where there was a lookout. db had to climb it with his binoculars to see if he could see any moose.
Hey! I'm not a moose. 

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Anonymous said...

Today is your brother's birthday. He says that the Queen's Lake has been stocked with salmon eggs because the lake is so clear and clean. The forest ranger he spoke with said they are trying to keep Irving (pulp and paper) from cutting trees surrounding the lake. Here's hoping. Beautiful photos and memories. md