Monday, August 22, 2011

Queen's Lake 2011

We were back at Queen's Lake this year for 10 amazing days in July. One of the roads has been washed out, so we were back on the old route in that takes a little longer and there's a little brook we have to cross. Very pretty brook though.
 View from the road. Why have we never seen any moose here?
 First drive out? I've never been on this logging road, and have never seen Queen's Lake from this point of view.
 Our reliable transportation, courtesy of Capital Springs.
 The gem of a lake. This seems to be looking back at my brother's beach. Taken from the kayak.

 Along the shore near the brook. We kayaked into the brook off the lake this year. In previous years, we could walk in and along the brook, but the water was much higher this year and we coaxed our kayaks through, sometimes having to get out and pull them over the rocks. I don't think db got out once though, he was determined to make it over rocks and sandbars.
 Water lilies were along the shore and in the brook. We had perfect weather.

Today is the first rain we've had in August, so I was thinking about Queen's Lake and how beautiful it was this year. I had to start posting my pictures.
 Kayaking down the brook.
 We reached the beaver dam. End of the line.
 View from the beaver dam.

 Can't resist the birds. Two Cedar Waxwings perched overhead. 

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