Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rainy day

I have 16 k waiting to be completed today. The rain had already started by the time I'd gotten up so I decided to have breakfast and go later in the day, setting the tone for the coming week since I'll have to do most of my runs after work this week. Then, db and I went out to pick up some plants to attract more bees to the garden and there was no rain. We came home, I changed for my run, sat down to map out my route and the clouds released the next rain session. I'd prefer a run with no rain or even a light rain would be fine, but I don't really want to subject myself to a downpour. I'm hoping it won't last too long.


Karen said...

I'd kill for some rain right about now. A month of 30C with just enough humidity to make it terribly uncomfortable...ick. No end in sight either. I'm jealous.

sp said...

I'll send some your way.

Karen said...

Looks like tonight we just might get it - some major warnings and watches in effect at the moment and all just to the west, southwest of me...tee hee. I'm ecstatic!