Saturday, January 03, 2009

a vegan new year!

Happy New Year everyone.
Yes we made sushi again for New Year's eve. It's so much fun to make. We made tons of rolls that included spicy tempeh, shitake, and avocado and carrot. After that it was a mix of those ingredients to use up our rice.

db steamed some edamame and made miso soup. He also made some pickled ginger a few days prior so we were ready.

With a little premium sake and Prosecco for midnight we were set. It was a happy new year at home with our kitties.

What did the new year bring us? Why more snow of course. It is unbelievable how much snow we're getting. It's been snowing all day long! I still think it looks beautiful, but I am actually starting to miss the rainy windy weather.

I haven't run in days and days. My exercise has been manoevering the snowbanks. Fortunately I have my Stabilicers so I can at least walk everywhere, but running outside is near impossible right now. Tomorrow morning I'm off to the gym. Ugh. The upside is that db got me an ipod shuffle so I can at least listen to something while I run nowhere on the treadmill.

New Year's resolutions? I haven't really made any except to finish tasks I start. I guess I've just made a resolution after all. I leave too many projects unfinished with promises to get back to them so 2009 will be the year I finish my projects. It looks like I've got a new blog topic as well.

Anyone else make any resolutions?



mister anchovy said...

Happy New Year. I hope you're coping with all the snow OK. It looks like both coasts got some powerful storms.

Wandering Coyote said...

Man, your sushi looks totally awesome!