Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fixing up the cat lounge

One of the odd things about our apartment is the half room. You step up into the room and then there's an upper level that we use for storage and of course, we turned into the cat lounge. I don't have any pictures of how it looked originally, but the half wall was carpeted with this dark gray carpeting.

We always saw it as the perfect room for the cats since they could climb up the wall and lounge in their own little area and have their own window to look out. This was when the room was an office, but last spring we moved our bedroom in there because it's a quieter room. I'm a light sleeper so this was a good move. Now I really wanted to get rid of the gray carpet. After much discussion on how to make this room a little nicer we decided that the best option was to get rid of the gray.

We wanted to keep the cats and us happy so we came up with a solution for all of us.

We pulled off the carpet (oh what fun that was), but left it on the upper level surface for the cats to dig in and lounge on.

We finished the wall with some trim and then painted the whole works. Then to give the cats access to the upper level db built some steps and we put sisel on it for them to scratch.

This morning I woke to Gigi sitting on one of the steps staring at me. I think she likes them.

Here in the photo Prima is up in the window enjoying the cat lounge area. Everybody wins.


mister anchovy said...

cats always win. it's their job.

red jane said...

Oh, that's so cute, waking up to the cat stare! I miss it. The room looks great, too- amazing how such a simple change can transform the whole room.

Wandering Coyote said...

Very cool and boy do you have lucky cats!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! What a change.
Can't wait to see it in person.