Sunday, January 11, 2009

hockey night in whoville

Here they are! We saw the Blues on Friday night. It was very exciting.

I only took pictures during the warm-up because I just didn't think about it during the game, I was too busy watching the game.

I love watching the warm-up actually. I'd watch one or two players and see what they practice the most before the game.

This is where we sat. We were fourth row from the top. The air in thinner up there I think. I am impressed with how good the seats really are wherever you sit at GM Place. At least that's my take on it.

However, when you sit up in those rows, all the barriers have these words printed on them. It's not for safety but rather to keep the view clear for the person behind you. When you lean forward you can block the view of the person behind you. People generally respect the sign. It's hard to always remember to sit upright in your chair. It would seem that it's good for your posture sitting up there.

Between periods the Canucks fans are treated to this blimp whale that floats around the stadium dropping flyers or coupons or something on the crowd below. It's very strange to see this whale pooping out flyers from it's tail end.

It's an odd mascot I think, but then it could be worse or more offensive. Thank goodness I've chosen a team with the blue note on it.

Oh by the way, despite the numerous injuries and being at the bottom of the Western Conference, the Blues won 6-4. Woohoo! It was so much fun seeing them win since we don't see that very often.


SME said...

Injuries and a coupon-pooping whale?! Unfair. I miss all the fun stuff in the world... :(

sp said...

You really are missing all the fun SME.