Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is everyone Obamaed-out? I need a day off from the Obama news and yet I'm afraid I'll miss something. I just can't look away.

I watched the inauguration...actually I taped the inauguration from BBC world news because I was working and then I watched it that evening because I wanted to hear his speech without it being re-capped in the evening news. I just wanted to hear it for myself before journalism started picking it apart line by line.

I also taped the inauguration because I was really looking forward to watching Bush take off in that chopper. It was a great moment and I felt hugely relieved to see him go.


As for the rest of my week...

Sunday I had the toughest run ever! I am probably exaggerating but it was really tough. It was my first run outside since before Christmas. It's so different from a treadmill. The sidewalks were mostly clear and at least we had some sun before the fog rolled in again that night. My legs felt like logs, clomping along at a pitiful pace. I kept going.

I didn't run as far as I wanted to, but I did get a solid hour of running in. It wasn't a great moment of running for me, but at least I got it done. However, it did open new worries for me anticipating the upcoming Historic Half Marathon in Fort Langley. It's just a few weeks away and I feel really ill prepared. From now on I think I'm just going to train as if I'm planning to run a marathon because then I'll get the distances in that I should be doing and when I do run a half I won't be worried about my conditioning.

Today I did go for a short run this morning and felt a lot better. So I won't give up yet.


mister anchovy said...

Those madcap Americans they really do up their politics, don't they? I hope Obama is able to make even a fraction of the change everyone expects. I think he is after all human.

SME said...

Hey, at least you run! I get anywhere above a fast clip and think, "Naaah."

Did anybody else hear the Hallelujah Chorus in their heads as Bush's plane departed for Texas?