Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to the gym today. I'm not really looking forward to it at all. C'mon rain melt that snow so we have sidewalks again. It will only be a couple of days I'm sure and then the sidewalks will be clearer.

Whining aside...

We had our staff Christmas party last night. Yes, I know it's January but it's apparently a tradition to go in January after the Christmas madness when everyone is a little more relaxed.

I don't usually want to go to the group work event, but this is the one big dinner that we do every year and as I've always said I like the people I work with so it's not as if it's a painful experience for me. I'm also usually a bit wary of set menus since the veg option can usually be disappointing. This year it was not.

We went to the same restaurant that we went to last year in historic Fort Langley. It's a nice little restaurant with a warm atmosphere. The waitress remember db and I as the "two vegans" from the previous year. Our meal was delicious. The food is very good there. I didn't take pictures since I didn't want to reveal the blog. So you'll have to take my word that it was beautifully presented as well.

db and I were served a creamy carrot soup, mixed green salad with cranberries and a raspberry vinaigrette, and our main dish was polenta with grilled eggplant, portabello with tuscan beans (cannellini beans in a tomato sauce) topping it all. There was a side of steamed veg and a zucchini in tomato sauce. We had a nice white wine with dinner that my co-worker chose. It was a viognier which I've never had and was nicely surprised by it. The whole meal was very very good. For desert we had fresh fruit in a mango puree. I really appreciate when a chef makes a nice effort to make a good meal and not just do a bunch of grilled veg with little thought put into making a meal. This was a beautiful vegan meal. Delicious.

I think db and I will have to make that dish one night. It was such a nice combination of flavours. Then I'll post some pictures.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad for your sake that the chef was more imaginative than most! It certainly sounds like a fabulous meal!

Bridget Jones said...

Ohhh that sounds terrific.

Now I'm hungry again.....