Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And then the rain moved in

Last week it was snow and now this week it is rain. The rains have started and they haven't stopped. There are flood warnings with all this rain and the snow melting with it. What a mess.
db is calling it Slushfest 2009. It certainly is.

The roads still aren't in any condition for running and the sidewalks are still non-existent so today it was treadmill time. I went to the aquatic centre and used the gym there since it's a third of the price of the women's gym. The treadmills are nicer too. I tried out my new ipod shuffle as well so that helped me get through the treadmill fun. It wasn't so bad really. As always it felt good to run. I did a little bit of weight work.

I think it will be the gym again on Friday because it doesn't look like the rain will stop.


I'm back to my usual duties at work which is a bit strange. I really enjoyed running the express room and doing the office work. Hopefully I can find something new to enjoy in my job. It is nice to be back to four days a week though. I feel more rested.

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Wandering Coyote said...

OMG - it so wet and sloppy here! It's a mess...and it's ugly!