Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day

Boxing day we wanted to go for a walk because Christmas day we didn't go outside at all. This is just outside our house. That's db's company car buried in the bank.

The Boxing day the weather wasn't much better than the rest of the week, but we decided to brave the snow and slippery streets.

Our goal was Bert Flynn Park mainly because we were curious. How much snow would accumulate in such a well canopied forest? The most direct route makes the park about 3 km from our house and most of the walk is uphill.
Here's db at the start of our journey. The snow was blowing into our faces for the first half of the walk.
It was slow going, but once we got to David Ave the road levels out and it was a bit easier going except we couldn't walk on the road anymore because David is too busy a street.
Here's one of the many footpaths where the sidewalk should be. This is along David Ave and as you can see people were out driving in the mess.
We reached the bridge that crosses Noon's Creek and decided that Bert Flynn Park was too tough going on that footpath. After we crossed the bridge I saw that the trail along Noon's Creek was being used.

One of the things I love about living in Whoville/Port Who-dy is the numerous footpaths and trails that connect roads. While the roads may twist and wind up the hills, the footpaths are often more direct routes.

We decided to get off the main road which was turning out to be less fun and head down the trail that follows the creek. The trails had been traveled enough so we could see where the paths led so we'd know which way we were going. From where we were there was really only one direction at that point and that was downhill. We were happy to be headed down the mountain.

It was beautiful in the woods. All the sounds were muffled so we couldn't hear the noise from houses or traffic. Everything was covered with a thick layer of snow so we really felt enclosed in the woods. It was beautiful. We kept following trails, not really knowing where it led, but I knew eventually it would come out on one of the main roads somewhere down the mountain.

We met a future nurse tree on the way. He looked pretty happy.

Eventually we did come out on Heritage Mtn Rd and then trekked to the video store before heading home.


I wanted to see the Trailer Park Boys Christmas special since I'd never seen it. It's quite fun and I love the Christmas message in it ("Christmas is about getting drunk and stoned with your friends and family) given by Ricky in true Trailer Park Boys fashion. Now that's the Christmas spirit.

Later we watched I'm Not There.
This is the Todd Haynes film about Bob Dylan. It is a remarkable film, a dramatized version of what is known about Dylan's life. There are six Dylans with different names who are all portrayed by different actors one of whom is a woman, Cate Blanchett and another is an African American kid played by Marcus Carl Franklin. Each represents a part of Dylan whether real or imagined. The fragmented storylines are like a compilation album. It might not be all the songs you want to hear, but you get an overview of the artist's complete work. However, this isn't just about the songs, this is about the personae. It seems fitting that for someone like Dylan that several actors should depict him.
The style and settings of the film shifts with the actors. Each character is in his (or her) landscape and the colours and setting reflect each storyline.
I highly recommend this film.

Prima had a good boxing day as well. She likes to stick close to the tree. I think she's watching t.v. in this shot.


Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, Whoville looks a lot like Rossland! I bet you're getting a thaw right now, though. Walking in the snow is a good workout, but the walk you did exhausted me just reading about it! Glad you got out and enjoyed the white stuff!

mister anchovy said...

I bet your walking adventure in the snow was a lot of fun! A lot of our snow melted with the rain and warmer temperatures we had from Christmas Eve on. Today it's cold again, and I hear we're getting some fresh snow tomorrow night.

I have mixed responses to I'm Not There. I love what they tried to do. Some parts were much more successful than others though. Overall, I think it was a fairly successful, very quirky approach to a bio-pic and very appropriate for a mysterious character like Mr. Dylan.