Thursday, August 02, 2007

fade in

Have you ever dreamt an idea and thought I'd better write that down or sketch it out? Two nights ago I dreamt a story, whole and complete, and sort of became conscious of it and sort of woke up and thought "wow there are four stories there that relate and that would make a good screenplay. I better write this down."


Then the other thoughts started. These are the sleepy, don't want to get out of bed thoughts.
"Will I forget it if I don't write it down?"
"I'd better just make a few notes."
"It's so vivid though. I know these characters."
"I don't have to write out the whole storylines, just a few images will help me recall in the morning and then I'll write more detailed notes."
"If I turn on the light I might not get back to sleep."
"I'll just run the stories over in my head and then I'll remember."
"If I..."

Fade to black

The next morning...

"Oh I just remembered I dreamt a whole story idea and I think it was good. What was it?"

I couldn't remember a thing. I thought about that Seinfeld episode where Jerry wakes up laughing and jots the joke down on a piece of paper and then falls back asleep still laughing to himself. Of course the next day he can't make out the joke and can't remember it either.

I suspect that like Jerry I would not be able to make heads-nor-tails of it either. Lesson learned? I need to wake up and write it down? Maybe, but maybe the stories rise to the surface anyway and I suppose I believe that if I keep tapping into that unconscious side of myself the story (whether it is the one I dreamt or not) will start to emerge.

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Wandering Coyote said...

I actually keep a dream journal, however, since the new meds, my dreams are really messed up, so I haven't written down any in a long time because none of them make any sense.