Friday, August 10, 2007

A work moment

On the wall behind the LV counter is an oversized world map that is a colourful puzzle made out of a dense foam for children to piece together. The idea is they can put it on the floor and lie on it while putting the pieces of the world together. People always comment on the map and what fun it looks to be. It's got flags from all the countries and animals on the map etc etc.

My encounter with one woman after she's been looking at it for a bit.

woman: What a great map!

Me: Isn't it? Everyone seems to like it.

woman: Canada looks biggest.

Me: I'm not sure it is geographically.

woman: Oh, it is.

Me: Well, it's a flat map so it's not exactly correct since a globe shape is more accurate.

She looks at me like I'm nuts.

woman (more to her friend): It's a nice map, but it's too bad they didn't put the Canadian provinces in or American states.

Me: Well then they'd have to put all the provinces and states in all the other countries. I think it might get very busy. It's much simpler like this.

woman: They did it for Africa.

Me (after a bit of a pause): those are countries.

woman (not really comprehending) : well...still...the provinces....

She walked away with her friend.


red jane said...

He he he....provinces...he he he ...... that's a lovely little bit of film you just created for me in my mind. Ah, the joys of retail service. Lots of strange occurences, I'm sure.

Red said...

We all like to think that where we live is the navel of the world, don't we? People are silly!

Hope your hand is on the mend, by the way.

Wandering Coyote said...

Gawd. That's all I have to say.