Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Buntzen Lake

Buntzen lake is only a 15-20 minute bus ride away in Port Who-dy. There are several trails to hike for every type of hiker no matter how much or little you are experienced. db wanted to do one of the more challenging hikes up to another section of smaller lakes, but I cautioned him that yes we are fit for running or cycling, but we're not hiking fit. The day before I had run 19 k so I was feeling like straight up a mountain wasn't a great option and I would probably not get very far.
So we opted for the trail that goes around the lake and it was just right for us.

The trail was quite busy on the east side of the lake as people walked to and from the south and north beaches. The south beach was full of holiday picnickers and as we walked along the lake toward the trail, I feared that we wouldn't get any peace or solitude. Once on the trail we did find a little more quiet. We hiked to the north beach, stopping along the way to check out trees and some of the views of the lake. The north beach was much quieter. It seemed like most people had paddled across the lake to the smaller, quieter beach. We rested a bit, had a sandwich (db's sandwiches are the best!) and headed out.

There's a little suspension bridge to cross the narrowest part of the lake and that's where I took the photo of the lake. The weather was perfect .

The west side of the trail was a little more challenging as it twisted more and rolled up and down carving along the rock and up into the woods. It was lovely in the woods and as we moved further from the lake and it was fairly peaceful. Even though the creeks were stone dry, the rocks marking the creekbeds were a nice pastel contrast compared to the dark earthy browns and deep greens of the forest.

We finally came full circle, crossed another small floating bridge through shallow swampy waters and then went back to busy beach for a break before heading home. It had quieted down a bit, but there seemed to be a shift change as the daytripper families were leaving and the smaller evening crowd were arriving. db napped on the beach in a shady spot while I took in a little sun before finally deciding to dive into the lake. I had spent the day viewing it and now I really wanted to be in it. It was cold and dropped off quickly, but it felt fabulous. Floating on my back looking up at the blue sky and the mountains surrounding the lake, I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be.


mister anchovy said...

pretty country! Reminds me of a day many years ago when I went out in a little rubber dinghy onto Emerald Lake....but the dinghy sprung a leak and I paddled to the nearest shore...got to where the water was about 5 feet deep when the craft folded in half. At the same time, a thunderstorm came roaring through the pass, and I found myself hiking around the lake dragging a dead dinghy in a rainstorm....

sp said...

A memorable event. Not much more could have gone wrong I suppose.