Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I had the weekend off. db was off too . We've been talking about the blackberries everywhere and wanting to get out there and pick some (or at least I've been talking about it. Here's the result of all that talk.
Sunday turned into a beautiful day by the time I finished my run. We headed down to the power crunch (that's the pathway that runs up the side of the ridge that is park and owned by BC hydro so there are power lines all along as well -- it's not as bad as it sounds though, really) and spent about an hour to collect these. My fingers were purple. db wisely wore his garden gloves, but I prefer the hands on touch. Ouch! You've got to watch those thorns they are fierce.

Now what do I do with them? I made a cobbler last week with a smaller batch we picked at a friends house, but we are definitely into jam territory now. I'm not really in the mood for a pie and I've got another cobbler on the go made with Okanagan organic peaches so I think we need to make jam. I've frozen some for the winter to throw into whatever when I need them so I think we're good.

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mister anchovy said...

We have blackberries in our yard, but the variety we have ripens in July, so they are long gone. They're quite aggressive, so each fall, I cut them way back, removing all the growth that fruited this year, plus some of the spread. Between the blackberries and the saskatoons, out yard provided plenty of fresh berries throughout july.