Sunday, August 19, 2007

10 things

Karen tagged me to write 10 things about myself to share in blogland. Part of tag is tagging someone else, but I suspect I would tag some of those that Karen has tagged as well. So to my core whoville visitors out there and I know there are at least ten of you I tag you all. To write 10 things about yourself to share on my blog.

So here goes 10 things to share with the blog world that I suppose.

1. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day: toast with almond butter and a coffee. Occasionally I have something different on the weekend or am forced to when I travel, but it's always the same. I often think about making something different in the morning, but I enjoy toast and almond butter so much I can't change now.

2. (this one is for db): I say that I don't like rice or soy ice cream, but I have been known to eat it.

3. Vegan guilt. I have a lot of guilt for the dairy I've eaten in the past and also for the fish I ate when I called myself vegetarian. However, I don't have any guilt for the meat I ate as a kid. I suppose it's because it was before I knew there was a choice. I thought a lot of meat was gross especially liver, but then what kid didn't think liver was gross. My grandmother use to make roast beef every Sunday we visited and it was really weird looking to me and I would smother it in gravy so I didn't have to look at it. A born veg? Maybe or maybe I was just a picky kid.

4. Whenever I'm at work (no matter what kind of work I'm in) I feel like it's a performance and I find this exhausting. A co-worker (who is an actor) once told me I should be an actor. That will never happen since we already have an actor in the family and nothing would terrify me more than to be the center of attention or have people gawk at me while I'm performing. I guess at work it's more of a mask.

5. Being the center of attention is one of the reasons db and I eloped when we got married. We told our families about a week after the fact.

6. I have a bumper sticker that reads: "The more people I meet the more I like my cat" (I don't own a car). There is some truth to this for me.

7. Some kids play "house" when they're little, I played "librarian." I was born a nerd. I would check books out to my stuffed animals (Agatha and Bunny).

8. I still have Agatha (my stuffed blue bear) that I named after Agatha Christie because those were the books my mom was reading at the time and I liked the name.

9. I have no tattoos or piercings other than my ears. I once pierced my nose myself way way back in high school, but I let it heal over after a year. No, it didn't hurt when I did it because I froze my nostril with an ice-cube. It did take a long time to do though because I was nervous and realized it was harder to get that needle through than I though. I was staying at my aunt and uncle's house when I did it. They were out for the day with their kids. My aunt still talks about it today and it's more than 20 years ago now!

10. I like most plants and flowers, but I really dislike begonias, petunias, impatients, daisies and marigolds. I use to like juniper until I moved to the land of juniper. Now I think it's a weed. this is not earth-shattering info about me, but it feels liberating to say it. I've been plant shopping with people and they'v ooohed and aaahed over these stupid plants and I've said some nice things about the plants and have even tried to find their potential, but I have to say they muck up the garden. I've seen too many poorly planned gardens with the border of begonias and petunias along a grass edging. Yuck.


red jane said...

It makes me laugh to read about your aversion to certain plants- such conviction and passion! I get it hough; there are certain things that are offensive to one's sensibilities. I love the librarian as a child though- that's wonderful and rich.And I too, default to repetitive breakfasts, almond butter and toast being a staple. Hey, if it's not broken....

Wandering Coyote said...

I don't think you need to feel guilty about past dairy/fish consumption. You made the decision at the time that felt best for you in the moment. Now you have choices, so don't sweat it!

Home piercings - never a good idea. But it's a great story!

sp said...

I remembered more plants after I wrote that like sea holly and morning glory. db was surprised at the marigolds since we have them near our tomatoes as a companion plant. He likes them so compromise it is.

Red said...

How could I not agree with the wisdom of your bumper sticker? Although I would extend that from "my cat" to "animals", probably.

I have one that says "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".

mister anchovy said...

1. I rarely eat anchovies.
2. I live in the west end of Toronto in a little house.
3. I used to do several forms of tai chi including Chen style 1st and 2nd forms, Sun Style, single and double fan and single sword...all of which I gave up around the time Tuffy P. and I got married.
4. I started learning to play music after I turned 40.
5. I have 6 cats. Three of them are former street cats who showed up panhandling and never left.
6. I love roadtrips.
7. I have developed a taste for very hot(spicy)food.
8. I lived for years in an old building that once held a casket factory. I had good floors so we used to say that I must have been in the coffin showroom.
9. I also lived for years in a space that had once been a hardware store (it even had peg-board walls, good for hanging paintings).
10. I've been making and exhibiting paintings for many years.

Karen said...

#3. THis is going to give rise to the newest hot-topic issue out there... Veganism: Nature or Nurture. I wonder how Newt Gingrich will feel about this...? :)

sp said...

Interesting 10 things, mister anchovy. I'm so glad so many kitties have found a home with you. I wonder how they feel about the accordion? Now that I know you've taken up music after 40, I may reconsider taking up the accordion. It gives me hope.

Karen: maybe we should contact Gingrich and find out.

mister anchovy said...

Sometimes when I practice, some of the cats do a lot of running back and forth. One of them, Shadow, really likes the music though. When I play, he often settles into my accordion case for a little nap.