Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rise and Shine Vegan

It's dark out when I wake up. Gigi wakes me up purring and walking on my pillow. Sometimes she's very aloof and then she has moments like these when she feels a little friendly and needs some petting. Then, the alarm went off and db got up. I stayed in bed. Gigi was alert, but also stayed in bed.

It's still dark out when db returns to the bedroom to get dressed and I realize I have to get up too. It's not easy fumbling with contacts when your eyes can barely open, but I manage. db is already dressed and ready to go by the time I'm just blinking my contacts into place. He's got his running gear on. That's right you heard me, db has running clothes on. The man who hates running has convinced me that a run in the morning is better than in the evening.

We head out the door with just enough light in the sky to call it morning. Despite my grumblings and calling db crazy, I do love the view of the mountains in the distance with the sun coming up behind them. The sky is pink and mountains purple. It's cool but I can tell already that the day is going to be very warm.

I follow db on his 5k route through the neighbourhood. By the time we reach the bottom of the hill again it's much brighter now and there is considerably more traffic. Amazing what a half hour difference makes in the morning.

db has been testing out running to see if he likes it and wants to continue. He's doing amazingly well. His form looks like a pro and he took off this morning at a blazing pace that got my ol' heart rate up in no time. It's definitely motivation for me and it sure is nice to run with someone in the morning.

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