Sunday, August 12, 2007

trip to the island

On Friday, db and I went to Vancouver Island to see my dear friend, her husband and their little boy who are visiting from Turkey. They're spending the summer in Toronto and since moving out here I thought I wouldn't get to see them. However, she has family on Pender island and a friend in Victoria that she was staying with so off we went to see them.
Being back in Victoria after 8 years was a little odd. I expected to see a lot of changes, but it was exactly the same. There is definitely a lot more traffic and there seems to be the usual condo building going on in the downtown area (like most cities), but we went to the Parsonage cafe where I use to be a regular and it hadn't changed one bit. Even the menu was eerily quite similar right down to the blueberry crumble and the granola and fruit with yogurt. I felt like I could pick right up where I left off 8 years ago as if nothing had changed.

We were delayed going to lunch and I didn't really want to leave G & O. and their little boy, but we had to drive up island. So we said our farewells and then db and I took a quick drive around the city just to see my old haunts and again all the places I remembered were still there. Small businesses survive in Victoria. It was quite nice to see.

The above picture is the scenic viewpoint on the Malahat where I always stop when driving up island. It was such a beautiful day and well worth the stop.

Of course P. is in Nanaimo so we thought we'd get a visit in with him as well. He had a very sick little kitty (Chat-Chat) Wednesday night and wasn't sure she'd make it through the night. After seeing the vet next day, she was sent home with some antibiotics and no one is really sure what exactly was wrong with her. She's probably 19. She's a street cat so her age is uncertain, but I'm guessing she's around 19. P. was a bit of a wreck after all that so it was a good thing we were going on Friday to see him.

The images of the garden are from P's place. He has an amazing garden and we picked beans, basil, tarragon, a few tomatoes and he had some massive zucchini for us to bring home. We've got veggies everywhere now.

This is Chat-Chat in her yard and a little perturbed that we brought her outside from her bed.

This is Velcro (or Cro for short) lying in his yard with his favorite blanket. He was quite social with us while we were there. He can often be shy so this was a nice surprise.

P. took us to the waterfront to walk along the Nanaimo seawall which was really lovely. It meanders along the water and through the marina. there are several little restaurants that look very inviting and of course buskers along the way. We had to stop for the accordion players and I had to take this photo of what seemed to be a father and son duo. I knew mister anchovy would appreciate the photo .
We listened for a little bit and then continued along the seawall. The evening was really lovely.

As we drove back to P's place he toured us around through other Nanaimo neighbourhoods. We saw a deer and two fawns and then another deer just standing in someone's front yard while these two guys stood talking like this was no big deal and the deer was part of the conversation. P. told us that deer really are very common in that area.

We were both so exhausted by the time we got on the last ferry that we both fell asleep on board. I rarely fall asleep traveling anywhere so I was astounded when I awoke to the announcement that we were approaching Horseshoe Bay. I love when you travel and can fall asleep so that it seems like you've spent no time traveling at all. You wake up and you're there.


Wandering Coyote said...

You obviously didn't visit the UVic wouldn't recognize it, really. I was so shocked at the amount of building they'd done there. Don't go; I wish I hadn't because my memories were totally trashed...

sp said...

I remember the amount of building that had started when I was there. I know it will be very different when I go back. A co-worker was recently at a conference there and brought back a map of the campus and half the buildings were new to me.