Sunday, October 04, 2009

A yummy week

Taco time. I came home from work one night and had a craving for homemade tortillas.

They're so simple to make and so delicious. db made a refried black bean filling and we added sliced avocado, spicy enchilada sauce, and lettuce to complete the tacos. We also tried it with teese nacho sauce. The teese sauce was okay. I never ate nacho cheese when I was vegetarian, or ever, so this nacho sauce idea was a little foreign to me. I prefer the firmer style teese cheeses. 

Next new vegan cheese to try was the delicious daiya. We made pizza. db make separate crusts since I prefer a gluten free crust. Then we top our pizzas with our favorite veggies that are barely visible under that cheesey covering. The daiya melts really well and it's taste is superiour to all others. I actually prefer it uncooked, sprinkled over some pasta.

My next food adventure this week was to make my own burgers. We had fresh beets in the fridge from pw's garden and I was searching for something new to do with beets (something other than borscht, or roasted beets. or grated or sliced thinly into a salad). I came across a burger recipe in our rebar cookbook. Grated beets, carrots, sunchokes, and squash (these last two I subbed for some other veggies) are blended with almonds (recipe calls for hazelnuts, but I had to use what I had on hand), nutritional yeast, tarragon, garlic, and onions. There were some other seasonings in there as well.

These burgers were fantastic! I also seasoned a little vegenaise (the vegan answer to mayo, which is oh so good!) with lime and tarragon. The picture only tells a piece of the story. We were so impressed with these burgers that we had seconds, which is something we never do, but since we had a little salad on the side we had room for more. They were delicious.

I don't have photos of the stir fry or the apple pie db made, but sometimes I just get carried away eating that I forget to take photos.

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Wandering Coyote said...

Those are some awesome meals, sp!