Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Mushrooms

It's the first time we went into a nearby park to look for mushrooms. We've walked and run in that park many times, but have never looked for mushrooms. Since going out with pw, we have a better idea of where to look (i.e. what trees to look for -- just as mister anchovy said about how you need to learn about the trees of the forest). After rooting around for a little while we started to find chanterelles. They were mostly pretty small, but were expecting a week of rain so we'll head back in there next weekend.

I found some coral mushrooms for the first time. That was exciting (the picture is not mine). We let them be along with a lot of the chanterelles since they were small and just starting to get going.

We collected some others to identify (mostly inedible) and called it a day.

There were lots of people in the park walking their dogs. The dogs were very curious about these two people rustling around off the path and several came to check us out (even though it is a dog on leash area). I had my bear bell on not only to alert any bears of our presence, but also so we did not startle people or dogs with the sound of rustling in the forest not far from the trail. I also carried my bear spray just in case (for an aggressive bear not the people of course).

I hope next week proves to be fruitful.


Wandering Coyote said...

I did some mushroom hunting today, too! You can see them on my Flickr page. I am trying to ID them from the internet (a book isn't in my budget right now) and have some possible hits, but we'll see. I'd love to find something edible, though!

sp said...

I saw you pictures. They're great.

mister anchovy said...

My worry now is hunters, since turkey season opens very soon. I have a safety vest and I realize I need one for Memphis too. Neither of us want to get shot.