Friday, October 16, 2009

The Rubber Ducky half marathon is on! I registered yesterday for the event this Sunday (that's not too last minute is it?).

I went for a run after work last night and I felt great. Even though my hunger was just starting to nag at me, I went for a short, fast run up the hill, across David Ave for a bit before winding back down through some of the side streets. It felt great, and I was feeling very confident with my abilities for this weekend.

The Rubber Ducky half also raises money for Wildlife Rescue that looks after injured wildlife in the lower mainland area. Maybe you could support them by making a donation from the link on the Rubber Ducky half website. You will receive an electronic tax receipt as well.

As for running, I am still a little choked about not being able to run a full marathon. Right now I feel ready to go the distance, but I'm only half way in my training and the season is winding down. Seattle is just over a month away so that's not nearly enough time. Oh well.

The good news is that I'm positive about my running again. Or more specifically, I'm feeling running-fit again. That's a good place to be because it makes me less hesitant to go out and do it.

Now I'm wondering if I started my season too early last year. The Fort Langley Historic half was in February, and then I kind of pushed myself through March and April for the Vancouver half. By the time I got to the Scotiabank in June I was starting to feel less motivated. There are so many great races in the fall to prepare for that I need to consider for next season. If I can keep the momentum I have now then maybe I can take breaks through the spring and summer while thinking about a marathon for next fall.

Portland? I'd love to go to Portland. I'm sure I've mentioned it before.

Anywho...I'll see how the Rubber Ducky goes and then go from there.


red jane said...

That's fantastic news! Have a great race- the course looks gorgeous. I'll be cheering you on in spirit!

sp said...

Thanks rj!