Thursday, October 08, 2009

more mofo

Something I've always wanted to do on my blog is include not just the special occasion meals, but my everyday food. Probably the reason I haven't done this yet is because it might be less "exciting" (if my blog can be exciting. The every day usually isn't).  So this is my morning breakfast.

I did make granola for the first time ever. There was a recipe in the Candle Cafe cookbook for granola that looked simple (could granola be any simpler?), and it was.

It tastes freshly toasted and has a nice crunch. I substituted my favorites for some of their ingredients. I opted for dried cranberries over raisins, and pecans over walnuts. I think I may have used agave as well instead of ??? I can't remember now. Or maybe I did half agave and half maple syrup.

As a kid in the 70s, my mom made her own granola. I remember her spreading it out on a cookie sheet and eating it warm from the oven, going for the bigger pieces of sweet rolled oats. I wasn't that crazy about eating it any other time, but I in retrospect I appreciate the work she put into making good food for us from scratch. I envied all my friends with their processed cheese sandwiches with miracle whip, and their Vachon Joe Louis or caramel cakes. I had whole grain bread with peanut butter, or real cheese & real mayo (I was a little non-vegan then), and some fruit of some kind, or maybe some homemade cookies. My lunches always felt so plain and unexciting.
Now I appreciate what my mom did. Because she made everything from scratch (including yogurt) while I was little, I learned about cooking even if I wasn't doing it myself. I learned that the best things are made in your own kitchen. 


Wandering Coyote said...

My mom made homemade granola, too! I now make my own as well and it's so good - I just love it!

mister anchovy said...

My mom was an excellent cook in many respects, but she didn't touch granola. I will confess to have gobbled an occasional Jos Louis. Har!