Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I almost forgot! VeganMofo (vegan month of food) is here. I can't believe how long the list of participants is this year. Was it that long last year?

Anywho...at least I had my foody pictures up for last week. Now I've got veganmofo in mind so this month will be mostly about food.

That said, I'll divert away from food for a moment to talk about the great run I had yesterday. I went 16k and felt great.  It was a beautiful sunny fall day as well. My goal was to just go out and run with the ideal being a 16 k distance, but I put no pressure on myself. The time flew. This came after a horrible run the day before when I started to question my running and the reasons for it. That's never a good place to be. Fortunately, db was with me and talked me through it. We were out on the Pitt River dike. It was absolutely packed out there. There was some sort of biking event going on, but I'm not sure what so there was a steady stream of bike traffic.

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