Monday, October 12, 2009

Comfort food

Double Root Veggie Burger with Rice cheese and fried and mushroom gravy.

I know I just recently posted a veggie burger photo, but I thought this required another look.  

Recently, I made this burger recipe with grated beets, carrots, squash and sunchokes, mixed together with almonds, nutritional yeast, and some seasonings. However, my first attempt resulted in burgers that were too moist to properly pan fry. I froze the remaining mixture.

This week I added some quinoa quick oats, oat bran, and then baked them in the oven. They turned out beautifully. I mixed up a lime, basil mayo for these burgers to give it an extra something. Not bad.

It was one of those nights when we were both tired and needed a quick meal. This meal did the trick. I used a shitake gravy mix from Road's End Organics. The ingredients are organic, and it basically has everything I would put in my gravy if making it from scratch. It's pretty good when you need something quick.


Wandering Coyote said...

TOTAL comfort food - yum!!

sp said...

It was yum.