Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mushroom Mania

The Vancouver Mycological Society held its annual mushroom show that included an extensive display of mushrooms (good, bad, & ugly), people waiting to help you identify any specimens that you might bring in, and several talks given on differenct subjects (we missed the talk on the Pacific Northwest mushrooms because the room was overstuffed with people. It looked like a fire hazard to me. Just kidding).

My photos will say more than I can about the exhibit.
It was nice to finally see a matsutake (pine mushroom) up close and personal.
The green labels meant edible; the red poisonous. There were some labels that were black that said "unknown." I guess no one has dared or bothered to try those. I see that there is a yellow sign in one of my photos, but I don't remember noticing the yellow signs so I'm not sure what those mean. 

Ah the corals!

The fungi at the top of this photo were noted to be 50 years old!

This last photo was taken near our house. These Amanita muscaria are all over this one patch in various stages of development. They keep coming and coming. It's quite cool looking  and is inedible.


Wandering Coyote said...

Those are incredible! The variety is incredible! The corals are always my fave. This would have been so cool to attend...

I came across a huge mushroom yesterday...I took a picture, I should post it. It was just on the side of the road on a strip of grass, no tree around at all.

sp said...

You'll have to post the picture. I'd love to see it.
It would have been fun if you had been there with us.

mister anchovy said...

That's a great display!

Amy and Jay said...

Nice! I wish I were there, but just spent quite a while enjoying your photos - thanks!