Sunday, October 04, 2009

A vegan in the woods

I praised the rainfall as it ruined my running days because I knew it was providing the forest with some much needed moisture that would get those mushrooms a-poppin'.

some more coral mushrooms, which seemed to be everywhere this time

I had been thinking all week about that spot we had found where the chanterelles were just starting to show. I knew we'd easily find that spot again, and we did. The signs were good. I actually found a chanterelle not far from the main path just as we headed further into the forest. That seemed too easy, but I took it as a good sign. However, when we returned to our spot there was not one chanterelle to be found. We rooted around a bit until I got a little discouraged. We weren't finding much of the edible variety. We found what I think was a nice Boletus mirabilis, but it had a powdery white spot on it. It was still nice to identify.

Sulfur tuft. It looked almost like it glowed in the forest with its yellowy-greenish and translucent cap. No chanterelles?

db and I saw some other people with a bag in hand and knew that this place was probably well picked over.

We headed up a hill and into the forest, looking for the right trees. It didn't take long. db spotted the first chanterelle, and then we were both finding them as we made our way through the forest. We found one particular spot that had a long row of them poking through the moss. It was very exciting. 
freshy dug up and ready for the journey home. 
There are enough mushrooms in the forest for everyone!

The sun was getting low, and I felt we had reaped enough for one outing, but again I know that that particular forest is full of chanterelles. We headed back down the hill through the brush, and were pleased with our bag being fairly heavy with nothing but chanterelles.

We are just now about to sit down and eat them. I'll let you know how they turn out, but I think you already know what my take on them will be. 

 Prima poses with the mushrooms. 

 ready to be dry sauteed and served with pasta

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Wandering Coyote said...

Coral fungi are just so amazing and beautiful, aren't they? They're almost magical...

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