Monday, February 02, 2009

Saturday was a fairly nice clear day. A good day for a run if I hadn't been working all day. I knew Sunday's weather forecast was rain, but I thought if it's not too bad and just drizzling a little then I'll go out in it. I had 15 k to run and I'd really rather run outside.

Sunday morning not only was it raining, but it had snowed a bit so there was a slushy mess out there and the rain was pelting down working on washing the snow away. So I called my mom, then had brunch and watched some tennis (we had taped the men's final) while I was knitting. The rain did not let up even a little. the gym.

Another 15 bucks, but I have to get my run in. The treadmills weren't very busy so I just kept going and got in 12 k before I ran out of time because the gym was closing at 5 pm. I didn't get the full distance in but I certainly felt like I could have run the full distance. I wanted to but the time factor prevented me.

I felt pretty good overall. My pace was good. I'm still quite a bit slower than last season, but I think I can still do the half in under 2 hours. I know once I get there on race day I'll be motivated and I'll pick out someone to keep pace with.

Wednesday (weather depending again) I'm hoping to go out with the running group even though it's in the evening. It's good motivation and I can try and keep pace with the front runners which is fun. I think a group run would be a good idea at this point.

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