Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In an earlier post I wrote about a paper doll book that my mom gave me when I was little. Well, thirty years later my mom read that post. Two days ago I received a package in the mail that contained three books, a sheet and a cardboard doll.

The books were: a reprint of the original I mentioned in my earlier post, this one on the left with stars from the forties, and a Bette Davis book of paper doll clothes.

The cardboard doll is also the same figure of Bette Davis with several outfits.
The Bette Davis book is a reprint from 1942 and the colours are true to the era. There's a page of her own clothing that comes complete with an Oscar you can attach to her. It's quite funny.

This final page is of cocktail dresses from different eras and different designers. There are more cocktail glass choices than dresses and I like that about this page. I can't imagine giving this to a little girl, but I suppose at a different time...

Of course I should have known that there was a world of paper doll collectors out there with everything under the sun reprinted and published.
The publisher included a paper doll catalogue that really has every celebrity covered (or I guess uncovered until you choose the outfit) from Betty Grable to Roy Rogers to Princess Diana to the Dionne Quintuplets. One book in particular stands out. It's called "Holy Habits" and is a set of paper dolls that includes "ten habits with descriptions of the religious habit and charism of each order." Ah yes, there is a paper doll for everyone out there somewhere.

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