Monday, February 16, 2009

post race meal

After the race there was a food table as always and I fueled up there. I was really happy to see that Save-on-Foods was giving out full bananas (instead of the usual half) and Pete's tofu with fruit on the bottom. That was perfect. It was the first time I've seen tofu offered after a race. Usually there's yogurt, milk or something gross like that. I had peach tofu and it was delicious. We did go to a bistro in Fort Langley and have at a light lunch where we planned our dinner for that night.

db was in the mood for some Indian food and I'm always game for some curry so that's what we did after we got home.

On the plate:
Vegetable korma (made with coconut milk & soygurt instead of cream & yogurt)
db's unbelievably delicious red lentil dhal
basmati rice
chapati (db made the chapati gluten free and they were perfect.)

I also have some chutney and mango pickle on the plate, but we didn't make those. Oh no wait a minute, db did make the green tomato chutney last year. It was the last of the chutney since we didn't have any green tomatoes left over this year.

What a great way to end the day.

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SME said...

Yuummmm. A good reward!