Thursday, February 26, 2009

recent vegan creations

Two weeks ago I took a pen turning workshop and made these two pens. The woods are red and green dyed maple burl.
I've never really used a lathe before (okay once, but I had no idea what I was doing). The instructor was very good. He also teaches bowl turning as well. This was a nice introduction to the lathe.
The reddish pen is still a little fat for the pen kit, but it was my first try and I was a just learning how to apply the tools I was learning about. By the time I made the second pen, the green one, I had the hang of the tools and completed a better fit with the hardware so there's a smooth transition from hardware to wood.

I hope I get a chance to make some more.
Ah my socks. I finally finished them and can now wear them. It's nice to have woolly feeling socks without the wool. It's tough to find a good substitute, but I've been finding more and more lately.
I haven't worn socks that I've knit in a while. Now I know what they feel like and I think I could make some adjustments with this wool for a little snugger fit. I suppose it also depends on the pattern. I made db's socks in a ribbing pattern so they fit much snugger. This lace pattern is a little more loosely fitting.

I've had no complaints about the socks I made for my sister and she's been wearing them lots so they're holding up well.

Here's a side view for another angle on the pattern and with cat toys in the background of course since they are scattered everywhere. That's Prima's "hippy mouse."

Of course there's always food to be posted.

This is one of my favorite quick dishes to make. Chickpea and tofu curry with basmati rice. I put a little fresh chard on the top because I adore crunchy fresh greens with a warm curry or beans & rice dish. The chard was really delicious.

I'm about to do a detox again so there'll be no tofu for a month. Too bad, but I can still have all the legumes I want (except for soybeans of course) so I actually looking forward to coming up with some new veggie and bean creations.


Wandering Coyote said...

You are one talented woman (but, I always knew that!)! The pens are gorgeous, as are the socks, and of course, the food always looks delish.

mister anchovy said...

What is the purpose of eliminating the tofu?

red jane said...

Ok, I nearly stole your sister's socks in Montreal the other week, I loved them so much- and the pens! Oh my word! I"m in love! I have always been fascinated by woodturning and those are just gorgeous! The food looks scrumptious,!

sp said...

Thanks Wandering Coyote!

mister anchovy: Since it's a liver detox, I think tofu is taken out my diet because it's fat soluble and you want to eliminate those foods as much as possible. The idea is to eat as cleanly as possible (fruit and veg). Plus I take a protein/nutrient powder that support me through the process while aiding in the detox.