Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I went to the Running Room group run tonight. There was a huge crowd of people when I arrived. The warmer drier weather sure brings people out. That's why I was there. I admit I'm a fair weather runner. I still know no one except H who I gave a nod to when I arrived. We were broken into our groups and I learned that we'd be running tempo run. There were two groups and I was shuffled into one of them, given directions and off we went.

I didn't know the streets that well and it was a pretty darkly lit area. A couple of people had headlights on. I stuck with the group, but wanted to keep near the front pacers. I followed not far behind one guy wearing a flashing bike-type light on his arm. There were two women further up ahead. I had to keep pace with them all just so I could make sure I was going the right way. The group had thinned out quite a bit by then. I couldn't hear anyone behind me anymore. Then suddenly we were stopped and one of the women was checking the directions. We started up again and then realized we were running the same loop we had just done. We stopped again to consult the directions and then we were relatively okay.

I kept pace with one woman who was at the front now. It felt good. I knew if I kept up with her I'd be okay. I also knew that if I was on my own I would have given up this pace by now.

In total I did just over 7 k with the partial run home as well.

The best part of a hard workout is the fabulous meal after, of course. db made a beautiful mix of roasted veggies, grilled tempeh, and steamed kale. It was a perfect meal after a great run.

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