Sunday, February 15, 2009

Run Vegan Run

Here are some photos from race day.

It was sunny and clear. Langley was a bit cooler than whoville, but I was dressed warmly enough and I knew once I got running I'd soon forget the cold.

The historic area of Langley (Fort Langley) is quite beautiful with big old homes and narrow tree lined streets. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

Here I am at the start line. I'm in the blue with the black touque (in front of the woman in the purple jacket). Woo hoo! It was chilly. My feet were frozen for about 15 minutes and then hurt as they thawed out.

The course is quite hilly. It rolls a lot and there are very few flat areas, but it is very picturesque and I loved the course in such beautiful weather. I put it up there after Tofino in terms of beauty. I had to keep stopping myself from looking at the scenery so I could focus on the run and not losing track of my pace. Other runners were stopping en route and taking photos of the views. Can't say I blame them.

Part of the course ran through a wildlife conservation area so I also got to see donkeys, a zebra and some llamas. The llamas were running which was pretty cool since I've never seen them do anything but stand there and chew. The enclosures for the animals were quite large so it didn't upset me to run through there (I hate seeing animals in pens). Of course being out in the country I also saw horses and even saw and eagle which was pretty cool.

Okay back to the photos...
db took this picture of the finish line before anyone arrived. The finish line was in the historic Fort which was pretty cool.
Runners take over the Fort! Each of the buildings were open to the public so you could read about the history of the area and the trading post.

I had to take some pictures of the chisels etc.

This is a view from the Fort's wall looking across at a church and those beautiful mountains.

Um...the drive home was fine, but oh the traffic! I don't see how building a 10 lane bridge is going to fix this problem, but what do I know.
Home sweet home in the distance here.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Checked your time...very respectable. Looks like you both had a lovely day. Llamas on the run? Must be a beautiful sight. md