Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Brunch and then Dufferin Grove who-Park

Started the day with vegan version of what I'm calling "Bournemouth Breakfast" because when I was in Bournemouth this time last year, all I could eat for breakfast at the hotel was the beans and tomato. Here I've added the Tofurkey brand sausages, D's flaxseed sourdough and fresh avocado (not shown).

Svetlana stretched out in the sun next to my desk. Her favorite place is the sunny spot. Prima must have been unaware that Sve was here because she usually doesn't allow such a thing to occur.

It was gorgeous out so we headed to Dufferin Grove to skate. It was our first time out this year. I'm not as wobbly this year (I think). The music reminded me of my roller skating rink days in the 70s/80s. The puppets I think were part of a celebration, along with the d.js. Usually there's just some quiet piped in classical music (the skater's waltz and that kind of thing). Lots of wee kids. When D. and I arrived, I turned to him and said: "did we forget something?"
D: "What?"
Me: "Should we have kids with us?"
D: "I don't think Svetlana would like it here."

It's all families on Sundays. No, i wasn't suggesting to D. we get going on having kids. We have our kitties and that's good for us.

Once I got going i felt okay and was able to do a couple of rounds on my own. The wee ones you really have to watch out for when you're a wobbly skater like me because they just go and go and go and will take out anything in their path. was very festive and fun.

The blue and yellow hat I knit for D. because he wanted a hat with earflaps and in the St. Louis Blue colours to go with his Blues jacket. Later I lined the hat with fleece to make it extra warm.


Julia said...

What a great looking brunch! How are those Tofurky sausages, anyway? I saw them at the Big Carrot this weekend.

sp said...

Tofurkey sausages are good. I like the Beer Sausage or whatever it is called. I'm not as crazy about the other flavoured ones, but that one works for me. I tried them at the veg food fair and was amazed. L. also recommends the package cooking instructions. .