Thursday, March 02, 2006

keeping busy

I had trouble getting into my blog the last couple of days. It's not a blogger issue, but a browser issue. Our computer can only do so much for its age so until we remedy this, I'll have to manage with what we have. I'd always rather make do with what we have simply because I believe we should get the most out of our computers, electronics etc as opposed to always buying new as the trends change.

I'll be busier in the next week or so with my mom visiting us here in whoville. She's here until Sunday. Sis is going to Montreal again for the weekend so that's too bad that she'll miss most of mom's visit. I've got more catering work coming my way which is always great to chip away at the debt. A friend is having surgery next week so she'll need round the clock care for the first few days. We seem to have worked out a schedule so that she gets the care she needs. She has a kitty as well so he'll need tending to. Since my sis will be also caring for our friend I'll be back on cat duty upstairs, but it'll be easier with sis still in town. Training is also important to keep up so I'll fit that in my day as well. Writing? Hmm I suppose I should cram that in as well.

Even though I'm not running these days because of my achilles problem, I need to keep going to the gym. The bummer phase of not running seems to have passed. I did the typical fat foods comfort, wallowing as if i'd never run again.

Now that the self pity seems to be waning, I picked up the knitting needles again, well actually the crochet hook to work on some mittens. I know it's the end of the season, but I am quite determined to finish these mittens with odds and ends wool. That reminds me of how much D. loves the socks I made him. He's actually worn a pair through so I'm going to go through the stash and make stripey socks for him. He wears them around the house so I can have some fun with stripes, patterns etc. And I do love making socks.


red jane said...

How hard are socks? I've always wondered, because I've never worked on circular needles or with 5 at a time. Keep us posted or take photos of the groovy stripes! Maybe I'll et back to the knitting, too- you've inspired me! Harder to eat while knitting which is a good thing these days...

sp said...

Looks like something you might want to take up while you're spending time recovering.
Good point. I put down the snacks when I knit.