Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lee Valley bound

Well it looks like I am now an employee of Lee Valley Tools. Huh? I know I can't believe it. Wish I could say I was writing for the catalogue, but alas no. I will be order picking and helping people find the right gardening tool and cabinet hinge. New territory for me. Well, I've worked in retail before and gardening is familiar ground, but woodworking supplies? I need to make a bigger dent in the debt load. So along with my usual search for some sort of writing opportunity I've been looking for a more secure regular source of income. Catering is great financially, but it's sporadic post holiday season. I thought about companies that I wouldn't mind working for and along with MEC I thought of Lee Valley. There's a new store opening in downtown whoville so I applied. It's part-time and the money is good for retail. I can also keep the better paying catering gig and still squeeze in some writing, running etc etc. Time management is top priority now.

Next week I'll be helping get the store ready for their April opening and tomorrow I go in to fill out all the necessary paper work. I'll just take it as it comes for now.


red jane said...

Yay! Congratulations! Can I come in and take a picture of you in your smashing green vest? My sister thought I was weird when I was over the moon about being able to go to an actual Lee Valley over the xmas holidays. I bought all my family's gifts there and they loved every single one! I think it's a great gig!

Julia said...

Hey, great news! Finding a job is always a pain, so it's sure nice when you land one! The part time aspect is nice too...I'm really missing the part time life these days. Hope you enjoy it - and get fab discounts!

Anonymous said...

Lee Valley is a great store. Whenever we are in Halifax we stop and shop. Employment...I start a new job April 10th. I do love being home, but having an income will be helpful. Tracy

sp said...

Thanks everyone.

red jane: sure, i'd love to have my picture taken in the green vest. Ha! Although, so far no offers of vests have been offered to me as of yet. I'm hopeful.

I will very much enjoy the discount especially with gardening season just around the corner.

Congrats on the new job, Tracy!

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey, they have great kitchen stuff, too, so I hear! Lucky you. That would be a dangerous place for me (almost like Crapters was...). Congrats, though. I hope you like it.