Thursday, March 16, 2006

Foot Cosy

Poor red jane she's recovering from foot surgery and housebound. As one of her "nurses" she requested early on if I could whip up something quick on the knitting needles to cover her toes and keep them warm. She wanted something large enough to go over the bandages, but not a full sock.
I love a challenge. It wasn't too challenging though since I just worked the toe end of a sock. I had a skein of the Manos del Uruguay cotton that is warm and soft and added the blue cotton/acrylic ribbing for colour and a snugger fit so they wouldn't slip around on her feet.
Knitting socks is one of the better knitting pleasures for me so this project was pure fun and fulfilled red jane's request. Everyone wins. Red jane has put up photos on her blog if you'd like a visual of the Foot Cosy.


red jane said...

I can't say it enough- I love the foot cosy! It has made it possible for me to sleep comfortably, without cold toes yet out from under the pressure of my duvet and it kept my foot warm while outside in the weather yesterday. Bravo!

Wandering Coyote said...

I saw the pic and loved it! Good job, sp!