Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Employment Faerie sprinkles her dust into whoville

(the Employment Faerie should have a hard hat or something, no?)

Training started at Lee Valley. I've been learning their inventory system which seems quite logical. I'm not sure I needed 2 hours to learn it, but I understand why it's taught that way. The showroom is the focal point for the grand opening. The place is extremely dusty. I had to keep wiping my clipboard every 20 minutes just to clear it of the dust. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I was covered in dust at the end of the day and it actually gave me a headache. It can't be good to inhale. There are people there 12 hours a day living in that environment. Anywho...I'm back at it Monday for full days until they open and unless a catering shift pulls me away. Regardless it will be a full week until Friday when I help sis move herself and her kitties to Montreal. She'll be there for 2 months doing a play so she thought it'd be best to rent a place and take the cats with her. With my busy schedule there would be no way I'd find time for her cats. Two months is a long time for all. The kitties really need to be with her.

The employment fairy seems to have really answered my calls! I'm also starting to do some administrative work for a friend who has employed me for the last four years at her children's drama summer camp and fall program. It will be nice to work from home and set my own hours.

I have to admit that while I am okay with the Lee Valley employment, I do shudder at the retail aspect of it and the monotony that retail can be. What I've realized is that my excitement has mostly been from landing the job itself. After applying for so many jobs over the last six months, I've successfully completed an interview being myself. It feels like a jumping off point because it has boosted my confidence to land another job more related to the arts. Only time will tell. It has certainly motivated me to write.

It's been difficult not even sure what I'm qualified to do or even sure of what I want to do. The catering has really been a lifesaver (I've already booked two days in April), but I just can't rely on it as a sure thing. I love the people I work with and the person I work for, but there are some inequities. I've seen "new" people acquire more shifts than I have booked and I'm not entirely sure how that happens. It's not really something I want to raise with other employees or the employer because I know that many of the people he employs are friends and that's fine. It's really good money and when it's really busy I work a lot so...what's that saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth? What does that mean anyway?

Let me be more positive about my working life. I'll be helping my friend with her administrative tasks that she hates doing. I'm also in the process of helping a friend see a film project come to life. I am very excited about that because I think it's a great documentary idea and I get to help her with the story of it, which is what I love doing more than anything. When the time comes I'll have to draw on my film friend resources for help. You know who you are out there! LOL. It's not the first time I've asked for your help.

Also, I still muse about turning my knitting into something profitable, or finally signing up for a yoga teacher training course so that I can be a certified teacher, but those are avenues that I'm not sure are the best commitments to make right now.

So today I'm going to enjoy my last free weekend and make a fabulous meal from The Artful Vegan and just try to relax before next week's insane schedule starts.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm thinking about a store on the coast.I would love to carry your knitting line! I've seen most of your work,and it is superb!I really think the knitted denim skirts would take off out west.In terms of catering, it is the nature of that kind of work. A little like acting. People who know people....I feel a song coming on. Just remember the retail is not forever, you're an amazing writer; you have a great talent.Alot of retail folks have only reatil life at the end of the day.

Wandering Coyote said...

When did Earth: Final Conflict end? Funny, I just remembered the name now...

I hear you about the dust. You should see what's floating around my place of work right now. It's just awful. It's starting to get me down.

Good luck on Monday!

sp said...

From my very wise stepdad: "Someone has probably told you by now that a horses age, health and value was judged, in part, by it's teeth."

Thanks Peter.

w.c.: EFC has never ended for some fans. Maybe L. can enlighten on exact dates. I think it wrapped up here in 2001 or 02? L.?
Also, thanks for the well wishes.

sp said...

Oh I almost forgot...
L: Hemp, hemp and more hemp for the knitted skirts and tanks and don't forget the socks for the sandals. I know R. will be looking for a pair. Once we sell to the 25 people in Masset, then what?

red jane said...

If oyu guys are cottage industry-ing, I want to make my cookies- with hemp, flax and maca of course- so keep me in the loop! As fo rretail, you'll know whether or not it's right for you. Like everything, time will win out and once the store gets up and running, other more interesting work may very well amnifest. I'm working on that for us...