Friday, October 31, 2008

While I was shopping...

I found a crumpled list in my grocery basket.

When someone finds out I'm vegan I'm still often asked (yes, it's true in this day and age) "what do you eat?" I think I'll save my shopping lists for when someone asks me this. Then I can hand over a list to whoever asks.

This list I found in a Stupidstore basket (Superstore. I go there because Earth Balance is almost 2 dollars cheaper! Also, away from the bustling city there are fewer store options). I think it's a glimpse into a non-vegan world.

What does a non-vegan shop for anyway?

( it is written in blue pen on lined paper and I will try to re-create it as it is listed)

Cheese Block
2 doz eggs
Ivory Soap Bars
Stir fry mix/frozen veggies
4 kleenex
4 K.D.
1 H2O Flat
1 Pancake mix
ice cream
taco kit
3 Bread
Chicken fingers/hotdogs
1 milk
1 mayo
1% milk

I think my favorite part of the list is the 4 kleenex (oh the poor Boreal forest). If you can read the one word I couldn't make out, then let me know. I thought it said Gummy as in gummy bears, but I know that's not right.


Kristin said...

That's so gross. Makes me totally glad I'm vegan.

Captain Karen said...

Bananas? It looks like Bemmeny to me but I have no idea what that would be...

SME said...

Ew. I think I'd eat the fruit and the Ivory soap before eating anything else on that list...

sp said...

Captain Karen, I think it probably is bananas. At least I hope it's bananas. It does look like Bemmeny doesn't it?

sme: I agree.