Sunday, October 26, 2008

Iron Chef Challenge #4

This is really only my second Iron Chef Challenge, but it's the 4th in the VeganMofo series.

The challenge was "stuffing." Stuffing could be interpreted as we wished. When I read the challenge I knew what I had planned for dinner would fit into the "stuffing" category.

What did I stuff?

Corn tortillas couldn't be simpler to make. Just mix masa harina (corn flour), salt and water, then roll, press and cook. Cook them 30 secs on one side, flip and cook for 1 minute on the other side, then flip again and cook for another 30 secs or until they puff up.

I have a tortilla press that makes the pressing process much easier and it's fun to use as well. There are some presses on the market that are...well...flimsy. If you're in the market for a tortilla press make sure it has some weight to it, as in some cast iron weight to it. This also makes the pressing much easier.

db made the red mesa sauce from our new cookbook, rebar modernfood cookbook.
And what did we stuff the tortillas with?

I made my own version of refried beans that consisted of pinto beans, veggie stock, garlic and jalapeno. We added Tofutti sour supreme, guacamole, chopped lettuce, and garden tomato salsa.

I also made some Mexican Millet from Veganomicon to have on the side. Meximillet is one of my favorites from the book. Topped with a little cilantro (there was a little cilantro in just about everything) and it's ready to eat.

There's one stuffed tortilla with all of the ingredients listed above. I later followed it with two more until I was stuffed. The meal turned out to be very delicious. The end result: two stuffed vegans.


goooooood girl said...
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Jeni Treehugger said...

hot diggity dawg!!
Yummers all round. I didn't know there was a special tool for making Tortillas - cool. I learn something new every day.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Oh, yummy! These Vegan MoFo posts of yours are so inspiring!

Bethany said...

that's a clever take on stuffed. actually you did it twice. tortillas and people. very cool and the food looks fabulous.