Thursday, November 06, 2008

The past week

With VeganMofo over I've stopped keeping the camera in the kitchen and I felt I needed a little blogging break. Of course there was the U.S. election in there and work etc so I've been focusing my attention elsewhere.


Loaf, loaf and more loaf. I slept in, spent some time with Prima and Gigi. I went to see my friend tp who has this fabulous store. She use to work with me at the Valley until she went after her dream and set up her own store. Now it seems like it all happened overnight, but really it was months of her taking courses, planning, renovating, and ordering the most fabulous stuff ever.

Here's one of the prints I ordered from her. "Hedgey," as she calls it, is from PaPaYa.
She carries pacifica, Beautea organics and barefoot venus so I always have a supply of soy candles and bath salts that are vegan. Also she has locally made exquisite jewellry that I mostly have to drool over (good thing it's under glass) since I can't afford it. There is one woman's work she carries from Ireland who re-makes new pieces from antique jewellry. It's unbelievably beautiful.
Anywho, I'm very proud of her and we had a nice visit on a rainy Saturday afternoon.


db and I went to the gallery to see WACK: art and the feminist revolution. Spend some time on the website, it's quite worth it. Some of the artists speak about their work. It's wonderful to hear their voices and hear them talk about their work.
WACK is a huge exhibit covering women's art from the 60s to the mid 80s. We spent several hours going through the rooms discovering sculpture, paintings, fabric arts, film & video, interactive art, and pieces from performances.
It was quite a moving exhibit for me. I knew some of the women artists (mostly the filmmakers), but many I discovered for the first time. I felt very connected to what the women were conveying, responding to and/or subverting in their work.
The exhibit is extensive and I'm glad I have a gallery membership so I can go back and visit at least once more, maybe twice. One of the rooms has a listing of several films that will be screened throughout the day and what days they will screen them so if I time it right I can get a film in as well.


Work. Newcastle wins over Aston villa and drag themselves from the very bottom of the Premier League table.


Work. Oh yes, that election in the U.S. I thought I wasn't that interested until I started to watch the country shift to elect Obama. I read this as a definite rejection of Bush's administration and their policies. After watching such a dramatic change, I am also greatly disappointed in our electoral process and the sad excuse for leaders that people vote for in Canada (with exception to May of course).


Work. It was my sister's birthday! I didn't get to speak to her but I hope she had a great birthday. When I called her after work I knew she'd probably be out to dinner since she's usually always out on her birthday.
I remember once we made her favorite food for her birthday. A couple of years she was away on her birthday doing a show so I remember the year we cooked for her quite well. She requested Indian food and we made a beautiful meal for her. This was when we rented the downstairs of her house.
When we lived together she came for lots of meals and I miss those days. She often felt like she was imposing on us, but we never felt that way and could never convince her otherwise. I loved sharing our meals with her. Sis cooked for us as well and that was always a treat or she'd bring something to our dinner to contribute (sometimes it was just one of her cats visiting which didn't always go over well with our cats).
In the warm weather we'd eat outside on our patio or on her deck. I think we were really lucky to have had that time in our lives together. Happy Birthday sis.


A little running, a little job search, and hopefully some baking. We'll see.

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